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Web3 music news 25/10/2023

from my newsletter "web3 music".

Universal Music Group and BandLab Partner up to Advance Ethical AI Music
bandlab technologies and universal music group logo

Universal Music Group (UMG) and BandLab Technologies have formed a strategic partnership with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in the music industry. This collaboration aims to support emerging artists within BandLab's extensive global community while ensuring the ethical use of AI and protecting the rights of artists and songwriters. BandLab is renowned for its AI-driven music creation platform, and this partnership underlines UMG's commitment to responsible AI initiatives in the music sector.


You can now Gift Music NFTs to your Friends on!
gifting music nfts through

A new feature called "Gifts" has been launched by a with the goal of bringing more people to the blockchain through music. Users can now send songs directly to others from the platform. This feature simplifies the process and allows for various applications, such as introducing friends to the platform, rewarding collectors, hosting competitions with song prizes, and gifting music NFTs. It also enables easy minting from a hot wallet to a cold wallet, enhancing security without additional gas fees or transfer hassles.


Jadyn Violet’s Unique PFP NFT Collection for Music Collectors

Raver Realm is Jadyn Violet’s most anticipated major music NFT project. Raver Realm is a collection of 1800 unique characters with original music attached behind each copy. The characters are all meticulously hand-drawn by Jadyn, reflecting the core of his musical philosophy. Through this collection, he aims to foster a deep connection between his character holders and the characters themselves, elevating the significance of intellectual property and community engagement to a whole new dimension. These NFTs are dynamic, changing with each milestone in DSP streaming reached, alongside having many other benefits.


You can now Mint On Chain any NFT from the TokenTraxx Platform!
tokentraxx integrates with LIFI

TokenTraxx announced the integration of LIFI's Widget into their platform. Users no longer have to leave their platform to access third-party DEXs for converting $MATIC into $TRAXX. Now, they can seamlessly exchange assets supported by LIFI Protocol directly into $TRAXX without the need to navigate away from the website. This means that on TokenTraxx, users can purchase any NFT on any blockchain using any token, whether it's an ETH NFT with Polygon, a Polygon NFT with SOL, a BTC NFT with TRAXX, and more.


Washington DC’s prominent Music Festival - All Things Go - used Web3 to Generate an Extra $50k
music festival MUNA

Washington DC's prominent music festival, All Things Go, collaborated with the Web3 platform Medallion to create a community powered by NFTs. This initiative attracted approximately 10,000 sign-ups, cleverly simplifying the crypto wallet connection for users, representing around 25% of the festival's attendees. They introduced a $60 "Season Pass" NFT, providing exclusive benefits like early entry, free merchandise, and influence on future performers. An additional $50,000 in revenue was generated through these digital products, fostering a robust community for next year's event. Medallion, known for building accessible Web3 communities for artists, continues to demonstrate how Web3 can bring new revenue streams and community tools to the music industry.

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