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Exploring the Potential of Music NFTs

A Personal Journey

When my journey into the world of NFTs began, I was hanging out in a Twitter space, chatting with Sammy. My curiosity led me to slide into his DMs with a question that had been bugging me: why had "Metagirl" a track I played on repeat with my nephews, disappeared from Apple Music? Sammy’s response opened a new doorway for me. He had pulled the track from all traditional platforms—Apple, Spotify, and the like—to release it as a music NFT on the blockchain. This piqued my interest to no end, prompting a flurry of questions: What's the blockchain? What’s an NFT? And how on earth do I get one? Sammy, ever patient, broke it down for me: an NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, allowed him to take control of his music's release and directly reap the rewards.

Moreover, it facilitated a deeper connection with fans through exclusive benefits.

Guided by Sammy, I ventured into the world of cryptocurrency wallets, learned the critical importance of safeguarding my seed phrase, and funded my wallet with Ethereum. My first acquisition was a "Metagirl" NFT, which marked the beginning of my expansive journey. To date, I’ve amassed over 220 music NFTs from a wide range of artists.

Curiosity got the better of me again after acquiring my first NFT, leading me to inquire about its benefits. Sammy enlightened me: holding an NFT came with perks like merchandise discounts, priority on future drops, and complimentary NFTs from his second project, "Pixelated," based on the number of "Metagirl" NFTs I owned. Each "Metagirl" NFT was unique, featuring hearts of different colors, and granted me access to private concerts hosted in Discord. My fascination grew as I learned that the value of these NFTs could increase with the artist's popularity and the fluctuating price of Ethereum.

Pixelated NFT by Sammy Arriaga

Selling an NFT meant that the artist, the platform, and I would all see a portion of the proceeds—a stark contrast to the traditional music distribution model.

In my honest opinion, music NFTs are a revolutionary game-changer. They forge an unparalleled connection between artists and their audience, allowing fans like me to be part of their growth story from the early stages. This journey has introduced me to a vibrant new world, and I am convinced that we will see more artists from the web2 space exploring the potential of NFTs.

I urge you to dive into this exciting realm and explore the works of Sammy Arriaga, Violetta Zironi, Rae Isla, Josh Savage, Kirk Desoto, Maxwell Laden, Maxpretends, Taylor Alexander, Emma Miller, Cam Murdock, Suave, Jadyn, Dyl, Louie Rhymes, Arye, Matt Belle MT, Ne$$y, Losi, LowlyLyricist, Jubilee, Clejan, Tony Parisi, Dre the Noid, and many more artists who are at the forefront of this digital revolution. Their pioneering spirit is charting a new course for music distribution, one NFT at a time.

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