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Web3 music news 15/11/2023

from my newsletter "web3 music News".

Get Ready for the upcoming Decentraland Music Festival 2023.
Decentraland Music Festival November 16 - 18 2023

The Decentraland Music Festival, themed as 'Rebirth and Regeneration,' is set to captivate audiences virtually from November 16-18 within Decentraland's virtual space. This third edition builds on the success of previous festivals, boasting an impressive lineup of over 80 innovative performances, 10 immersive games, and a digital ‘Neo-TechnoPaganist’ rave. The festival, known for featuring international artists like Björk, Megadeth, and Motörhead, now offers selected performers a $500 grant, official program promotion, and a slot on one of five virtual festival stages.

UNDERWORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL opens its gates during the Decentraland Music Festival.
Underworld Music Festival November 17 2023

Underworld Music Festival is set to dazzle as an epic virtual music event celebrating Web 3 Music & Audiovisual Art during the Decentraland Music Festival. Taking place at SEED on Friday, November 17, from 5 pm to 1 am EST, the festival promises an immersive experience with 44 artists participating in four distinct events. Attendees can expect live music performances, audiovisual showcases, and DJ sets, creating a dynamic and captivating celebration of the intersection of music and technology in the Web 3 era.


Beatport collaborates with HE.SHE.THEY. and artist Enes Güç on the KINSHIP collection.
Kinship Collection collaborates with HE.SHE.THEY. and artist Enes Güç on the KINSHIP collection, marking five years of diversity in electronic music. This experiential portal offers access to digital and physical content, including the KINSHIP artwork, a documentary premiere, event tickets, and a downloadable score by Wax Wings. The documentary explores HE.SHE.THEY.'s evolution from club nights to a global movement.


Spinamp launches 3 new major features!
Spinamp New Features

Spinamp's latest release introduces three major features. Collaborative Playlists allow users to invite others to suggest and vote on songs, with flexible governance modes. The addition of Passkey Login simplifies onboarding for new users, creating a Spinamp profile with a passkey that also includes a secure Ethereum account. Lastly, the Profile Makeover enhances the look of artist and collector profiles, offering users the ability to view and edit links to external websites.


Sound announces magic uploads.
Soundxyz Magic Upload has launched Magic Uploads, simplifying the process for artists to upload music on-chain. This feature allows artists to upload with just an email, eliminating the need for wallet funding or crypto interactions. Uploading is now free from start to finish, making Sound comparable to traditional music services like Bandcamp or Soundcloud. The goal is to provide the benefits of Web3 while maintaining the simplicity of traditional platforms. Although editing releases and withdrawing earnings still involve gas fees, the company plans to introduce gasless editing and withdrawing in the future.

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