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Web3 Music Interview #2 LOSI


Born in the vibrant landscapes of Colombia, Losi is a captivating singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur from Colombia. Losi's journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and her music, rich with emotion and authenticity, serves as a reflection of her life, mirroring both its highs and lows.

In 2019, Losi's life took a 180 degree turn; she had to take a medical leave of absence during their junior year of college. What she thought was the end of the world turned into her biggest opportunity to reconnect with her true passions: music and entrepreneurship. During her time away from university, Losi embarked on her music journey, launched an activewear brand, ventured into the web 3 space.

During the past year, she has released several songs on the blockchain, performed in Decentraland Music Festival 2023, and has had the opportunity to work with amazing producers and artists from around the world. The release of ‘FRIA’ on November 27th 2023 marked an important milestone for Losi - her first song in Spanish. This represents a new era for Losi in which she hopes to highlight her Latin roots, and rhythms. 

Fast forward to present day, Losi just graduated from Wharton, but with new found clarity on what she wants to do post graduation: use the power of music and tech to empower and inspire others.

Now, that you met her. Let’s dive right in the questions.
1. How did you first get involved in the intersection of music and web3 technologies?

L: I started to learn about crypto, the blockchain, and NFTs in December 2021, and ever since I fell in love with the Web 3 space. However, it wasn’t until October of 2022 that I came across the Web 3 music community through Nifty Music. I was part of the cohort for their first accelerator program, and launched my first music collectible, ‘Broken.’ From there, I started meeting and connecting with more artists, collectors and builders within the space.

2. How has Web3 technology influenced your creative process as a musician?

L: We3 technology has influenced my creative process as a musician because I now think of each song as an experience. From ideation to release, I’m always thinking on how I can bring my community & collectors closer to my process of making music. It’s something I’m still exploring, and I want to create better, and more engaging experiences every time. 

3. How is Web3 empowering artists and creators in the music space, in your opinion?

L: Web3 empowers artists and creators by giving them a lot more power, autonomy, and freedom when it comes to releasing and monetizing music. But further than that, I think a lot of the empowerment right now comes from the community. It’s a melting pot of different music genres, talent, and individuals that make it very exciting, and that translates to artists feeling inspired and motivated to create. Not feeling alone along the journey is crucial for creators to not lose hope and feel more empowered. 

4. What are your thoughts on the tokenization of music assets and how it might change the dynamics of ownership and royalties?

L: I think that everything that can be tokenized will be tokenized sooner or later, and music assets are no exception. If anything, I think it will make the dynamic of royalties and ownership more transparent and seamless. Right now the system is inefficient and slow, and I believe web3 can solve a lot of those issues. 

5. How can Web3 technologies enhance fan engagement and connectivity with their favorite artists?

L: Web3 technologies can enhance fan engagement experience by providing fans with a more personal, fun, and interactive experience with their favorite artists. Collectibles make it possible (and easier) for artists to reward their fans, give them exclusive access to music/merch/events, or gamify the listening experience. It really just depends on the creativity of each artist, and how they want to use this technology to strengthen and grow their communities. I think we are entering a new era of artist-fan engagement, and are just starting to discover what’s possible which is what excites me the most. 

6. What challenges do you see in the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies in the music industry and how can these challenges be addressed to create a more seamless integration?

L: I think the biggest challenges right now are reputation and the lack of understanding of the blockchain and its use cases. Unfortunately, when it comes to crypto and NFTs they don’t have the best reputation, and that causes a lot of people to dismiss them. In addition to that, there’s a lack of understanding about the blockchain and when people don’t understand things they fear them, and I think that’s what’s happening right now. These challenges can be addressed by having more education and educational tools about crypto and the blockchain, and that has to start at schools, universities, and the workplace. 

7. What do you envision as the future trends at the intersection of Web3 and the music industry? Are there emerging technologies or concepts that you believe will have a significant impact?

L: I think a big trend, and where I see the future going is the emergence of artists tokens. To me, this is similar to a company/startup doing an IPO, and investors who believed in the company from the beginning being able to benefit from the upside. I envision a future in which artists are their own entity, and fans can purchase the artist's token and use it to support, and engage with the artist while at the same time being able to benefit from the appreciation (hopefully) of the artist’s token. Platforms like P00Ls and USIC Labs are building something very interesting around this! 

8. What is one key takeaway or piece of advice you would like to leave the followers with regarding the future of Web3 in the music industry?

L: The best time to start learning about web3 music was yesterday, the second best time is today. It's not easy, and we still have a lot to learn and get right, but it’s definitely worth it. Make the time to get involved in the community, meet people, and just be a sponge!! Absorb and learn as much as you can! 

9. As we wrap up, is there anything else you'd like to share with our audience, whether it's about your upcoming projects, your thoughts on the future of Web3 music, or any message you have for the subscribers?

L: Stay tuned for 2024 because you will see a lot more music, experiences, and surprises from Losi ;)  But for now, I’ll leave you with my latest release (and first song in Spanish) FRIA.

It’s still minting on, and you can collect here.

10. To end the interview, tell us your current fav song!

L: My favorite song right now is Madrid City by an artist called Ana Mena :) 

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