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Roots Picnic 2024

Where Legends Converge UNDER THE SUMMER SKY

depiction of Andree 3000 and Lil Wayne

In the heart of Phili, a cultural music movement is set to unfold at the Roots Picnic, where the eclectic blend of hip-hop's finest converges under the summer sky. Leading the charge is none other than Lil Wayne, the emblematic figures of Cash Money, who are gearing up to deliver a performance that's not just a set but a homage to the vibrant streets of New Orleans. With The Roots, PJ Morton, and Trombone Shorty by his side, this set promises to be a melting pot of sounds, celebrating the rich musical heritage of Wayne's hometown.

But the festival, sprawling across the lush expanse of The Mann in Fairmount Park on the cusp of summer, June 1 and 2, isn't just about Weezy. It's a mosaic of musical genius, with names like Nas, Gunna, Jill Scott, Victoria Monét, and the enigmatic André 3000, who steps out in support of his instrumental odyssey, New Blue Sun. This lineup isn't just a list, it's a briefing of the festival's knack for bringing in diverse musical threads.

Tickets, a golden key to this musical haven, are set to go live with a pre-sale rush on February 20, promising an experience where the echoes of Cam’ron, Sexyy Red, Scarface, and the iconic DJ J.Period’s “Live Mixtape” blend into the Philadelphia skyline. For those seeking a touch of soul, Adam Blackstone's "Legacy Experience" with Fantasia and Muni Long is poised to be a rendezvous with musical divinity.

In a twist that intertwines music with the threads of history, André 3000's set emerges as a beacon of artistic exploration, riding on the back of his first-ever solo tour. With the collaborative spirit of Carlos Niño, Nate Mercereau, and others, André's performance is not just a set, it's a narrative, a journey through the realms of New Blue Sun.

As the Roots Picnic gears up to unfold its 2024 chapter, it's more than just a festival, it's a celebration of hip-hop's evolution, a nod to its roots, and a glance into its boundless future.

With the legends of the genre and the trailblazers of tomorrow converging in Philadelphia, the Roots Picnic is set to be not just an event, but a landmark moment in the continuum of music history.
Roots Picnic Lineup

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