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DJ John Summit Stands Against Homophobia at Dreamland Pride Bash

Exploring the Impact

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In a resounding clapback to narrow-mindedness, John Summit is set to spin tracks at New York City's Dreamland during Pride Month, and some folks just can't handle it. Summit, a dynamo from Illinois who has quickly risen through the ranks of the EDM world, since 2017, has been ruffling some feathers with his upcoming gig. Known for electrifying crowds at massive festivals like Lollapalooza Brazil and EDC Las Vegas, and making his debut this year at Coachella, Summit’s career trajectory has been nothing short of meteoric. Yet, his recent announcement has led to a small exodus of followers, shedding light on an underlying issue within the EDM community.

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"Losing a few hundred followers since announcing I'm playing a gay pride party lmfao peace out u insecure homophobes" Summit posted on X, undeterred by the backlash. He added, "Idc what u think u cannot deny that the gays know how to fkn PARTY."

It's a powerful statement from an artist standing firm against bigotry, emphasizing that talent and good music know no boundaries of sexual orientation or identity.

The pushback from some quarters of his fanbase highlights a deeper issue within EDM — a genre deeply rooted in the LGBTQ+ community and born from the safe havens of house music. It’s ironic and disheartening that a scene so deeply indebted to queer culture faces these recurring undercurrents of homophobia. Historical moments like the Disco Demolition Night, which Summit references, underscore the persistent struggle. This event, held in 1979 at Comiskey Park, became an infamous symbol of anti-disco sentiment that often veered into overt homophobia and racism, catalyzing the pivot towards house music, a genre that embraced inclusivity and defiance.

As Summit gears up to bring the house down at Dreamland, his stance is more than just a gig, it's a statement. It's about showing up and showing out for a community that pioneered the very music that make EDM what it is today. It’s a reminder that the roots of this music are steeped in the struggles and celebrations of marginalized communities.

This discord in the EDM community poses questions that need confronting. How has this toxic culture permeated a scene that owes its life to queer culture? Why is the inclusivity that birthed EDM now under threat from within its ranks?

As we rally behind Summit’s forthcoming performance, it's crucial to remember the true spirit of EDM and house music. It's about unity, acceptance, and the relentless pursuit of the freedom to be oneself. Isn't this the culture that is about the PLUR (peace, love, unity, and respect)? Summit’s presence at a Pride event isn’t just a party, it's a powerful homage to the roots of EDM and a bold statement against those who would rather divide than dance together.

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