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Mixtapes are Dead!?

Loudly's AI Jams Turn Tables on Traditional Music!
Loudly AI Music

Girl, AI's trying to take over the music game too now? So you all remember the days when we used to make mixtapes by recording songs off the radio? Yeah, I miss those too. But there's this new kid on the block, and they're called Loudly. Not like your first-generation mom yelling at you from the next room, but you know, Loudly, the music folks.

Okay, so picture this. 170,000 – yeah, you heard that right – 170,000 audio loops ready to get wild and mingle in some symphonic rendezvous. This ain't your mama's old school mix, no siree! Loudly got this fancy tech, combining and warping stuff, even following chord progressions like it's some music stalker in real-time. Now, I don’t know about you all, but mixing expert systems with some...what they call it? Generative Adversarial Networks? Sounds like a Transformers spin-off to me. But hey, it guarantees you get some tight beats and meaningful tunes. No more waiting for your lazy web3 degen let’s collab but never get back to me again buddy to drop his mixtape.

You gotta see this to believe it. You just tell Loudly what you’re feeling – want some jazz? Hip hop? Or maybe some old-school funk? You decide. Punch in the deets, sit back, and let the magic happen. Before you know it, you got tracks coming at you faster than your mom chasing you with a flip-flop. And if you're vibing with it? Save it, download it, or heck, make it your ringtone. I ain’t judging.

Now, I know what y'all thinking: "This has gotta cost a fortune, right?" Not this time, They got plans for everyone, even those people still holding onto their pocket change for that gumball machine. They got a free plan – yup, for the freeloading folks. Then, if you're feeling fancy, and got a few dollars from mowing lawns or low-balled mint, whatever you do, you can upgrade. There's Personal, Pro, and for those big ballers, Enterprise. Each with its perks, like more downloads, licenses, and even some fancy music licensing PDF (for when you gotta keep it official).

But wait, there’s more! And I ain’t talking about a set of steak knives. Nah, they even cater to the pros in the house. You making apps, websites, or even stepping into the metaverse? Yeah, Loudly's got you covered.

So, whether you're making videos for your cat's Instagram or directing the next big indie game, Loudly’s got the beats for your feats. Explore the world of AI music and who knows, maybe you'll find your inner DJ – or at least some solid background tunes for when you’re doing the dishes. Keep on slaying that music, everyone! Learn more about Loudly: Loudly's Official Website

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