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Holiday Edition: Interview Series Kickoff!

As the holiday season approaches, I am thrilled to bring you something special to make your festive days even more memorable.

Introducing the Web3 Music Interview Series – a captivating journey into the minds of talented musicians, innovative music project founders, and on-chain labels.

For this month only, I'll be featuring exclusive interviews with some of the brightest minds in the web3 music space.

Starting now with-

reindeer pulling sleigh
image of Brenda

Brenda is a 24-year-old artist, songwriter, and pianist from Romania, whose passion for music became visible at an early age. She began professional piano training at just four and a half years old and has continued since to carve her skills in composition and songwriting. Brenda's musical path has been nothing short of diverse, ranging from classical music competitions and performances with orchestras of over 100 members to creating and sharing her original songs in both Web2 and Web3. Her distinctive style finds its home in the genre of dark pop, reflecting her unique creativity and depth.

After embarking on her journey as an independent artist, Brenda crossed paths with Satwik, an extraordinarily talented songwriter, artist, and producer from India. Together, they ventured into the Web3 space in January 2022. They built their artist profiles, shining a spotlight on their music and captivating audiences through live concerts in various communities. Simultaneously, they've been diligently working on their own music label, DOR (Digital On-chain Records), which not only serves as a platform for showcasing their music but also as a support system for other emerging artists.

June 2023 marked a significant milestone for Brenda as she launched her first music NFT, "Memento Mori," on the XRPL chain, through the Astrals label. "Memento Mori" attracted significant attention due to its unique blend of vintage and modern elements, forming an incredible community of collectors who appreciate her musical style. Not long after, Brenda released "Cabin in the Woods" on the ETH chain, a song written and produced by Satwik. It peaked at the fourth position in the Top 10 Viral Sounds and found a home with over 75 collectors.

Now, that you met her. Let’s dive right in the questions.

1. How did you first get involved in the intersection of music and web3 technologies?

B: In early January 2022, my boyfriend, Satwik, and I entered the Web 3 space during the peak of NFTs and crypto. Having participated in several PFP communities, we discovered the niche of Music NFTs and its incredible community. After assessing the potential value we could bring into the space, we directed our efforts towards launching our music NFT collections and on-chain label.

2. How is Web3 empowering artists and creators in the music space, in your opinion?

B: Since we're still in the early stages of Web3, we seize opportunities daily to build connections with industry professionals and independent artists across various platforms. In my perspective, while there's undoubtedly a wealth of information to uncover and gaps to bridge, as a creator, the key is to establish a presence in the space, foster authentic connections, and pursue continuous growth. Results will inevitably follow.

3. What are your thoughts on the tokenization of music assets and how it might change the dynamics of ownership and royalties?

B: This is going to be revolutionary, as fans and artists will always stay connected. Through a blockchain-based token system, artists can consistently reward their supporters with exclusive perks, establishing tangible proof of ownership and early patronage. Currently, I sense that there is insufficient infrastructure built around royalties, making it a sensitive topic within the Web3 community, as various platforms have made it optional.

4. How can Web3 technologies enhance fan engagement and connectivity with their favorite artists?

B: As artists advance in their careers, they gain the opportunity to provide unique benefits to their audience. A token serves as a tangible proof of ownership or attendance. For instance, imagine an artist performing at a local venue who directs the audience to a QR code post-show. This QR code could lead them to a free NFT, enabling the artist to monitor attendance and potentially airdrop exclusive previews of upcoming releases, free concert tickets, and more. The possibilities are endless.

5. What challenges do you see in the widespread adoption of Web3 technologies in the music industry and how can these challenges be addressed to create a more seamless integration?

B: Two things come to mind.

Firstly, let's consider ease of access and user experience. A significant challenge arises from the considerable friction involved in navigating the NFT and Crypto landscape. The intricate learning curve, comprising elements like blockchain, layers, wallets, and contracts, discourages those looking for a seamless process. Solving this would require the development of more creatively designed, user-friendly interfaces that are both intuitive and secure, facilitating a smoother onboarding process for a broader audience.

Secondly, reputation. Over the past two years, the NFT and Web3 domains have unfortunately gained a reputation associated with scams, illicit activities, and fraud. To attract a wider audience, it is crucial to institute strong safety measures and reduce the learning curve. By doing so, Web3 can work towards eliminating these concerns and establishing a more trustworthy reputation, ultimately encouraging more people to join.

6. What do you envision as the future trends at the intersection of Web3 and the music industry? Are there emerging technologies or concepts that you believe will have a significant impact?

B: has been leading the way as a MAJOR Music NFT platform, marking a significant advancement for the music industry. I believe that over time, there will be numerous additional ways to incentivize and reward collectors. The key lies in continually exploring and innovating these reward mechanisms.

7. What is one key takeaway or piece of advice you would like to leave the followers with regarding the future of Web3 in the music industry?

B: I highly advise any artist out there to leverage the full potential of Web3 as a valuable addition to their careers. Understanding how to build a community, growing together, and constantly cultivating connections are just a few essential things that Web3 has to offer.

To end the interview, tell us your current fav song!

B: This is undoubtedly the most important question, haha!

While I do have several favorites, if I had to choose one, I would select "Margaret" from Lana del Rey's latest album.

music notes

that's all folks!

Thank you for taking the time to read. Until next Wednesday!

Wishing you a harmonious holiday season filled with joy, music, and memorable moments.🌟🎄

Musically Yours,

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