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Ruler B

Ruler B is a techno producer and DJ hailing from Valencia, Spain. Born and raised in the coastal city, he was exposed to the vibrant music scene at a young age. From a young age, he was drawn to the sounds of electronic music and began experimenting with production in his teenage years. As he developed his craft, he began performing at local clubs and festivals in Valencia, quickly making a name for himself in the electronic music scene.


In pursuit of new opportunities and inspiration, Ruler B decided to move to Edinburgh, Scotland, and later Barcelona, Spain. Living in these different cities has allowed Ruler B to expand his artistic horizons and develop a unique sound that combines the energy of techno with elements of other genres. His performances in Edinburgh and Barcelona have been well-received, and he has become a popular figure in the techno scene.


Ruler B's music is known for its dynamic, innovative and melodic style, blending techno beats with ambient soundscapes and atmospheric textures. His productions are characterized by a strong emotional component, which has won him a loyal fanbase. He has released several successful EPs and singles, and has also remixed tracks for other artists.


Ruler B's DJ sets are equally dynamic, with a focus on building energy and tension throughout the performance. He is known for his ability to read the crowd and adapt his set accordingly, creating a unique and immersive experience for his audience.


Ruler B's career has been on an upward trajectory in recent years through web3 and his local scene. With a growing fanbase and a reputation as a talented producer and DJ, Ruler B is one to watch in the techno scene, and continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with every release. There is a before and after 2015 in his production style, evolving into a more aggressive techno.

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