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My name is Losi, and I'm a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and web3 enthusiast from Colombia. I studied business at The Wharton School before taking a medical leave of absence and returning home, which led me back to my true passion - music. I was pretty devastated at first, but little did I know that this setback would actually be the best thing to ever happen to me.


Since then, I've released 3 singles and have had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing producers and artists from around the world. I love to make music because it has the power to inspire and connect us in a very unique way...

My story begins with Broken, and it talks about how we always hurt the ones we love, what they don’t say is that we’ll do it over and over again. Penned as an open letter to my parents, I'm seeking forgiveness for the pain I've caused while openly acknowledging that change has its own timeline.


Then came came ‘FOOL.' I wrote this song about my first heartbreak, but I know we’ve all felt the pain of being replaced and questioning where things went wrong...


Next up was 'Chains'...When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with a mental health illness - an eating disorder. At the time, I was in complete denial. As a 13-year-old, the word “mental illness” felt weird, taboo, and scary all at once and I refused to be labeled by it. I fought against my family, my doctors, and even myself until I finally decided to take the first step towards recovery. It wasn't easy, but it has definitely been worth it. It wasn't until I started sharing my story that I realized how much my disorder has shaped who I am today…and that is what “Chains” is all about..


For a long time, I felt a big disconnect between how I acted, and the person I wanted to embody/reflect. I’ve always been a firm advocate that our mind is our most powerful tool, and if we use it the right way we can overcome any obstacle and achieve anything we want to. Yet, there I was – being destructed and almost defeated by my own mind. It was this incongruence that inspired the song…

I made this song for everyone that’s ever felt trapped in their own mind, unable to live authentically/true to who they are. “Chains” is a reminder that we can all chose to let go of the beliefs holding us back and decide to truly live. I want everyone who listens to the song to feel inspired to fight their own demons, and realize that sometimes, there’s beauty in all the chaos.


My upcoming song, 'Cheers' is about the experiences of the past year & half of my life. It's a bitter-sweet song about heartbreak, friendships, and change. It's a toast to life, so stayed tuned!!!

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