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Kirk DeSoto

I am a singer/songwriter who quit music for about a decade but was brought back to music via the Web3 music space. I began singing in choirs when I was very young and performed in the Opera Carmen around the age of 10. I played piano as a child as well but eventually shifted to the guitar, taking inspiration from a childhood friend and starting a band with him in high school. I garnered a lot of inspiration for my early music from growing up near Seattle during the height of the grudge era. I interned at Sony Music Studios in New York City in 2000 for an audio engineering program and subsequently recorded 2 independently produced albums there. After much touring in New York City during the early 2000’s I eventually got disaffected with the New York City independent music scene and the industry as a whole, much of which was a pay to play system. I left New York in 2012 and slowly became less and less active doing anything musically until eventually I stopped playing guitar and barely sang anymore. As far as I was concerned half a decade later, music was forever behind me and I had no plans of being musical again. I discovered Bitcoin in 2011 but never got into the space or invested in it at the time, but eventually started my deep dive into cryptocurrency in 2016. I started getting into NFT’s in 2021 and was first introduced to the idea of adding music to an image and released on a blockchain the same year. Around April of 2022 I discovered a group of singer/songwriters, beginning with Violetta Zironi, selling their music for Ethereum and combining the idea of gamified collectorship with art and music. I started to become a large collector of many musicans in the Web3 space and the inspiration garnered by spending a lot of time within the Web3 music space, inspired me to start getting back into music. By October of 2022 I not only launched my first music NFT collection but also played live the following month for the first time in almost 11 years in London, UK. Through this time I really got involved in the gamification, tokenomics and strategization of music NFT’s, leaning on my time delving deep into the tokenomics of cryptocurrencies starting back in 2016. I began advising many creators and artists in the Web3 space starting in 2022 about collection gamification and drop mechanics. Web3 has truly changed my life and I love helping and educating people about blockchain and the Web3 space in general.

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