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EGGSTA, (Eden Michelle) the trailblazing music producer, vocalist, and songwriter, made a spectacular entrance into the EDM scene with the catchy release of her debut radio smash, "BAE," in 2021.


Stealing the spotlight once again, her track "Young Love" not only conquered the airwaves with high rotation playlisting but also secured numerous #1’s on both the Top 40, Top 20 & Top 100 charts in her home country, South Africa.

From the age of 6, her classical piano training clinched the prestigious title of "Best National Pianist" for the 18 years and under category, showcasing her extraordinary musical prowess at such a young age.


After multiple awards and distinctions in Trinity Music College and UNISA college examinations, she grew to songwriter around the age of 13. Within a year of songwriting, she signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV Publishing, gaining national attention of her works being featured in multiple TV Shows and commercials including worldwide brands like Samsung, Mitsubishi, KFC and more.

After over 4 million streams from 2023 into early 2024 and multiple #1 Radio singles in the charts, she signed record deals with renowned labels like Armada Music (Armin Van Buuren), Black Hole Recordings (Tiesto), Enhanced Recordings, Find Your Harmony, and more, EGGSTA was highlighted as an “Emerging artist to watch”. Her collaborations with extraordinary talents and the consistent unveiling of captivating releases leave her listeners eagerly anticipating each new musical release.

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