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DJ2daMax is a female South African DJ/multi-talented music producer. 2daMax creates music with deep, sincere passion to uplift and inspire her audience. Her music producing style branches into a diversity of unique sounds, providing a wide genre to embrace her audience. 2daMax can play between pools of Progressive House, Deep Minimal, Techno House and on occasion, commercial dance for that upbeat sound. This diversity promotes something for every one and her refusal to settle in one comfort zone.

Dj2daMax is highly skilled and has spent many of her years helping humanity and animals as both an advanced Paramedic and Medical Shaman. With a wide range of expertise that includes astrology, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, tarot, sound therapy, quantum healing and more, she has hosted her own workshops and does spiritual coaching on the side.
Dj2damax hosts mental health spaces and assists all beings with stabilizing their individual internal frequency, thereby raising them to a higher consciousness by fine tuning their vibrations.

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