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DCoop, a visionary artist with a passion for pushing musical boundaries, has carved a unique niche in the industry by seamlessly blending hip hop with an eclectic array of genres, including, but not limited to: reggae, rock, punk, tribal, country, and R&B. His sonic adventures extend beyond conventional boundaries as he delves into experimenting with spiritual frequencies, ranging from 432 to the 900s hertz, with the explicit intention of creating conscious healing music.


Embarking on his artistic journey shortly after picking up the pen, DCoop's evolution has been shaped by his exploration of various musical instruments, including the saxophone, guitar, and midi keyboard with more to come. His career gained significant momentum when a close friend and fellow artist gifted him a Bluebird microphone, propelling him into a world of sonic experimentation. Collaborating across genres has been a hallmark of DCoop's artistic trajectory, fostering a dynamic and ever-evolving approach to his craft.


Having honed his skills during a five-year tenure as a bartender and manager at a nightclub, where he performed every weekend, DCoop's artistry extended beyond the club scene to include venues and house parties, establishing a dedicated fan base. This journey inspired him to invest in his own career, and his community of fellow artists, leading to the creation of a music and design studio with the mission and vision of The Village Entertainment Collective. Grounded in the ethos of empowering artists and fans alike, this collective serves as a testament to DCoop's commitment to disrupting the music industry and reclaiming agency for those who create and appreciate music.

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