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Chalk & Cheeze

We're a DJ/Producer duo from Bangalore, India - Harshit Chachra and Nitish Chachra - brothers from the same mother :)


We grew up in Jamshedpur, a small industrial town, in a joint family. Our elder cousin Vivek Chachra was actively exploring new music and would buy us cassettes and CDs. He introduced us to electronic dance music in the early 2000s and the influence was very strong and kept us glued to digging deeper. Once he’d moved out to pursue higher education in Bangalore, he would bring us tons of new dance music in digital formats since the internet in Jamshedpur was still quite slow in the mid 2000s. He learnt DJing from one of the most respected DJ/Producers in India - DJ Mash, and blessed us with lessons and experiences from his gigs soon, whilst we were still in high school.


We were always curious to explore opportunities in the music industry ever since we got hooked to listening to various sub genres of electronic music, but none were available in our hometown. Once we moved out from Jamshedpur for higher education, we got exposed to music sub-cultures at nightlife hotspots across India and met some cool industry professionals who guided us further into it.


We’d like to believe that we were born to entertain and soon enough we wish that we could jump into it full time.


Nitish Chachra - "In 2013, I was blessed to meet Akshai Sarin, a performing musician himself, who gave me a chance to manage artist bookings for his agency, despite no prior experience in this industry, and in this journey I got connected with the good folks who were launching a new venue. I jumped into the music industry full time in 2015, and took over the music curation and artists booking role at a prominent music venue in Bangalore called blueFROG. Many thanks to the promoters of the venue Mr. Raksha & Sunder who believed in me and gave me a chance to work with a fantastic team and a repertoire of musicians. I would play opening sets for artists there often and later got to play at other venues around too. At blueFROG, I also met a musician - Sandeep Chowta, who’d spent 20 years in the film music industry and had moved base to Bangalore to launch a music record label called Namma Music later. I’ve been working with him ever since, digging deeper into the digital music business, which also led to me discovering music NFTs."


Our NFT drops and more reading links below :)

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