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In 2006, post-secondary school, my serendipitous encounter with a DAW birthed a passion for music production. Self-taught, I honed my skills in my Trinidadian village, recording friends. This journey led me to Planet Rock Studio in Couva, where I immersed myself in the local music scene under the late Rockin Randy. From in-house producer to general manager, I absorbed the intricacies of the industry.

Leaving Planet Rock, I co-founded Nutation Records, focusing on soca, dancehall, and hip hop. However, the constraints of genre conformity led to its natural conclusion. Embracing my introverted nature, I adopted the moniker "Arix" and delved into genre-bending music. A fusion creator, I navigated a world that demanded conformity.

Today, I carve my path, releasing tracks that defy boundaries. Simultaneously, I lend my expertise to media companies—BCM as an audio engineer and Golden Eye Productions as a video editor. The journey continues, driven by a passion for authentic expression and a dedication to pushing creative boundaries.


Check out my music over at:

My Playlist

My Bandcamp Page

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