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Harmonies of the Heart: Jubile3 Le3 on Triumph, Self-Love, and the Sanctuary of Song

Music Producer, DCL Artist/DJ, AI Art Content Creator, Trax Creator, Streamer, Writer

When has a metamorphosis in your life inspired you to create something new within the realm of your own universal passions? With the influences of what happens to us within our lives, transformation and reinvention are inevitable. Most artists and creatives can relate to this when it comes to how their work also evolves and changes over time. Imagine how moving across the country to find a new home in one of the "Entertainment Capitals of The World" (Las Vegas), to experiencing a broken heart, then learning how to love and navigate a long-distance relationship could shift you out of your place of comfort. And then, how you would feel after surviving a catastrophic natural disaster all by yourself and making it out alive!

Changes often stem from a place of discomfort. The brave movements one has to take to find happiness is something we can each relate to and connect with. Our truths and commonality in sharing vulnerabilities brings us closer together, to the artists we follow, and to the music we gravitate to and choose to support. Those life experiences were very real for our featured, Web3 immersed artist. She knows growing pains all too well and speaks about them unapologetically through her intricate musical narratives, digital art, and creative writings. The multifaceted layering in her music demonstrates her abilities in pushing boundaries and trying out new things. By exploring her creative talents across different platforms, we are taken on an adventurous journey and are rewarded as her music fan. Let's connect with our very own Jubile3 Le3 🎶

She embraces her truth with Trans identity, self-love, and self-awareness.

And through that, we're able to openly appreciate and celebrate music and digital art that explores relationships, sexual topics, and body positivity shamelessly. Promoting radical self-expression is how this creative soul practices self-love. She continues to inspire others to do the same through her catalog of work and personal advocacy for causes that matter most in her life. Her journey as a music producer began at the age of 18, and since then she has been crafting melodies inspired by human relationships and self-discovery. Unity is at the heart of her artistic expression, making her an ideal fit for Tuning In. Jubi envisions a thriving, diverse community where music's magic is amplified through mutual support and collaboration.


Jubile3 Le3

Q: How did you come up with the name Jubile3? A: Jubilee is one of the youngest members of the human subspecies known as "mutants" that appear in the famed American comics: X-Men. Often playing a sidekick role to her father figure, Wolverine, she is underestimated. Her powers are often utilized as a distraction versus damage - which make her less popular in the realms of Marvel "main heroes." To me, she's such a bad ass with the potential to do more damage than her seniors. She can emit precision explosive bursts inside enemy brains and can reabsorb the energy back into her body with no harm to herself! She's a subatomic destroy girl who is such a powerful human mutant. I relate to her as a fierce underdog and wanted a name that would represent me. The "3" is because all the other names of "Jubilee" were taken, and the "3" is just a cool add on visually for people reading my name. I like playing around with what's possible so that's how I came up with Jubile3 Le3. It's aesthetically pleasing and fun too! Q: What does music mean to you? A: Having lived mostly in New Jersey, New York became my second home. I was constantly surrounded by city life and surrounded by people, so I grew up in very busy and loud spaces. Having a good ear was something most people native to the area developed naturally. However, it became obviously not the case for me. I found out at an early age that I had difficulty processing and listening very well. My parents grew frustrated and took me to many doctors. We finally got referred to a hearing specialist and we found out I had sensorineural hearing loss in my right ear. I am practically deaf on that side. It used to cause me some embarrassment and shame, but as I got older, I realized the superpower in it. We never found the root cause of it, but I'm not bothered by that anymore. Instead, I learned to appreciate the gift in it. I have a beautiful analytical skill when listening to sounds. I can clarify every instrument within a song. My ability to break down the smallest details with more awareness to the beats and melodies inside different types of music was the one thing that made me so happy growing up.

"Amidst the labyrinth of unanswered questions around my hearing impairment, music stands unwavering as my sanctuary and refuge. In the realm of melodies and harmonies, I find solace — a space where the constraints of my deafness fade into insignificance."

Q: After observing you play the piano during your early teen years, Cecile Licad (one of the most brilliant pianists of our time) told you that “it’s like a ball of fire is inside of you." How do you think that ball of fire ignited in the first place? Why? A: She told me it was rare to see someone young have such an emotional experience when playing. I was trained under intense and serious piano lessons. It was never a fun thing as every minute counted and the lessons weren't cheap. My instructors were the best of the best and they did not fuck around for fun. Everything was meticulously fined tuned and forced on me to practice over and over again until it was perfect. For me when I played the piano, it was a release of the tireless efforts I put into it. I had to perform with excellence. Nothing less was acceptable. Once I started to feel the music and fall in love with it more, I then started to love and enjoyed playing. As soon as my fingers hit the keys, I felt electricity flow through my body, and it gave me outer body experiences because I felt so free doing it! That's what Cecile witnessed on stage at my piano recital. Q: What fuels the fire in you today? A: I was struggling with myself and my own identity growing up. I was a Filipino American trying my best to fit in, like any other normal high school kid, while navigating the intersection of two different cultures. My family was Americanized but that's not what I saw when I looked in the mirror. There was a bit of an identity crisis in my child development. Who am I? Really?? I never felt like I fully belonged anywhere. At that time of my life, I was really feeling confused and confined in my understanding of my body and its existence. I started to be curious in my teen years and explored more through questioning and admitting to myself what I was attracted to or not interested in. As I grew older, I had more freedom to step out and to turn my exploration into real life experiences. The fire in me when I was young was turmoil, it felt suffocating - the constant feeling of being trapped in my own body. Playing piano was an emotional release. Today, I know myself much more and am proud to be openly Trans. It took some time for me to transition and I'm learning more everyday how to love myself authentically and how to show up for myself against all odds. So here I am today. Fire still burning - if not bigger and brighter! It burns for a different reason. I want to share my music and spread love and joy! Q: What are some defining challenges that you've overcome in your life or can recall? A: I've faced a lot of push back and doubts from others before, but I've been resistant in owning who I am and doing what is best for me. I moved with my dad to Las Vegas because I wanted to try something different in a place where I could feel safe. Home is sweet for me now, because it is where I can freely be acceptable in my identity. My heart will always be with New York as I've had some pretty stand out epic memories from there. I lived in the Philippines for some months as a kid and Iearned what having to live with limited resources was like. Living bare bones really tests our humility and strengthens one's survival skills in the world. This better prepared me for what was to come... A disastrous category 3 hurricane named "Sandy" hit the East Coast badly in 2012. I was home alone as my family was out of state. I think I had school, or work, or something - so I didn't go with them. It was madness. Flooding everywhere. No electricity. No food and no running water. I made it out of that alive. So, after that, I am not fazed by anything. I knew then that I was a fighter and could handle any obstacles that were thrown my way. And I did. As I am now. Q: Earlier this year you embarked on a spiritual workshop in Joshua Tree known for its magical healing location. What was that experience like? A: It was an overwhelming but necessary cleansing of things that were holding me back. Being out there in nature and underneath the clear night sky, you could visibly imagine touching the bright stars with just your fingertips. They were so bright in the desert! The self-reflective inner work was admittedly challenging, but I am so glad I did it. It forces you to face your fears. I was joined by trusted people, so I was scared but felt very safe and protected. We worked together to focus and concentrate on what we wanted to fix in our lives. The experience was very meaningful and impactful on my life. I came out of it feeling like a butterfly that was able to spread my wings out more fully and freely. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to peel back layers of themselves to truly find out root causes for what's holding them back. Once you find it, accept it, and let go of it, you can then be free. It's something I wish all people could experience. Nothing weighing us down and the endless possibilities of our full potential. Q: On tracks like "Lushade" and "My Space" we find you rapping in your catalog. Have you always rapped and how did you prepare for that? A: Oh my gosh it's so hard to rap! *Laughs* I have so much respect for lyricists and a much deeper appreciation for rappers after that. The rhyming and rhythmic speech and vernacular needed to execute it well is no joke! Rapping is not at all my expertise but I like challenging myself. That's why I did it - so I could learn and explore what else I can do in music. It takes a lot of practice and I definitely had to focus on making it all flow. Music should be fun, and that was SO much fun! I'm always open to dabbling in more new stuff with my music. Q: How did you pick out what tracks would be free or subscribed for your Trax catalog? A: Anything that is already streaming with a digital service provider I made free because it's available to anyone. Everything else is made exclusively for subscribers; for my "Jubies" who are my music fans. These tracks are from my minted collections, or are other releases which will be shared through private channels made only accessible to my community. Q: You have a song "Ride Me Celestial" that takes listeners on a ride. If you went to the amusement park and had first dibs on a ride, where would you go and what ride would you want to go on? A: Oh, I'm not really sure where but I love free falling rides! Like bungee jumping adrenaline rushes. The ones that drop you and make you feel like you're flying! I love swings too, anything where I can feel the wind in my face! I prefer those rides over the bumpy roller coasters which I find to be kind of boring and predictable. I want to FLY! Q: "Foot Fetish" was a collaboration with another web3 artist. Can you share more about the inspiration for the track and what it's like to find someone to sing about sexy toes? A: My music has no boundaries, so I wanted to create a track to celebrate something that shouldn't be so taboo! We all have sexual kinks and preferences and it's something we shouldn't hide. So, I thought about how people joke about foot fetishes being a gross thing, and wanted to make a song to show how beautiful it is for someone who does gravitate toward that as a loving form of expression and sexual desire. The song is openly inviting us into it. It wasn't that difficult to find my collaboration partner; Serena Elis did such a wonderful job with her vocals bringing a sensual auditory experience about embracing sexy toes! It was a fun collaboration for sure! We both have no limits in musical expressions and she understood the assignment. I'm very specific with who I work with. I'm not just looking for a good vocalis; I'm a songwriter and in a sense a Director of Sound. So, whoever works with me, I hope they can take directions well and be open to my own interpretations of how I want my track to sound. Foot Fetish was also co-produced by our fellow web3 friend and music producer GritBeat. I love collaborations and am always looking forward to working with other web3 artists. We understand the opportunity in collectively working together and the strength in numbers that manifest organically when we support each other and bring communities together. Q: Your most recent track "I Miss Flying to You" was a nod to your own experiences to navigating a long distant relationship. It also has the Japanese parts to it. What inspired you to sample that into your song? A: The track starts out sounding sad but then changes to upbeat and fun. When I heard the sample, I had no idea what the lyrics and words in Japanese actually interpret out to. I didn't even bother to care as I focused only on how it made me feel. It was happy and cute! I wanted to play around with the up and down emotions that come from a long-distance relationship and the idea of missing someone far away. The Japanese words were later interpreted to me by a friend, and I was pleasantly surprised to learn it translated well within the context of the matter in the song. Nothing funky at all. I guess I got lucky there! Q: You have a series of short AI-made movies with your music embedded. What are your thoughts about artificial intelligence? How do you plan to utilize it? A: I know the concerns for why some people are against it. However, it's inevitable. We can't fight it as it's already here. It will allow us to do things we want to do but not have to do. The ideas of new creations now have more limitless possibilities. Imagine the multi-spectrum of creativity that exists for all voices. For all types of people from all walks of life, all over the world. I believe AI can connect us more if we use it with pure intentions to bridge our skills. Controlla Voice is a gateway to a world with musical possibilities. I love playing around with it. I am not the best vocalist by far, but these tools allow me to express myself and bring a voice to a song I myself cannot do alone without the help of AI. You can create an AI singing voice and it can even sing in different languages. If you are not a good singer, you can pre-record your voice and can hire AI singers to make songs with your voice. It's pretty crazy. Q: In heartfelt blogs via your Medium, you share your personal journey of "unraveling the complexities of codependency, shedding light on the underlying causes, and embracing the path towards healing and self-discovery". I imagine you find a therapeutic experience in each by writing, vlogging, music making, or creating art. Which creative medium do you find the most challenged in and why? A: Video content creation is challenging. Vlogging. There's so much editing that needs to go into it for you to get the right quality finished video. Photography is a skill to get the right framing of the scene to make sure you capture the right visuals. The quality of what you're shooting also matters. Did I get a clear shot or was it blurry? Then I need to be mindful of the audio sound being clear enough. Am I enunciating my words right? Can people understand me? It's a lot. Tik Tok and Instagram Live are the same way too but not as complex because you can filter things and have fun with it. Vlogging is capturing what is and sometimes it's hard to edit things out. Don't get me started with social media algorithms! It becomes less about just expressing myself and trying to get my message across to more people. It's a fine line of authenticity and not making content that reaches no one. I try my best to create, just to create, for myself. But it's also something to be mindful of if you're trying to connect with an audience and build a relationship with people. I obviously hope for someone to view my video or read my writing or listen to my music. That's why I do it too. "With online dating and social media... We’re faced with the challenge of preserving emotional intimacy amidst this digital cacophony... Technology plays a significant role in the narrative, but it doesn’t have to be the protagonist." Q: I randomly learned from one of your tweets that people can live off potatoes. I imagine due to the water content! So random fun question: What kind of potatoes are your fav? A: Idaho potatoes! Best when baked with of course toppings of bacon and cheese!! Yumm! Q: What's next for you? A: I will be back on the web3 music, DJ, Merchandising, branding road. I have upcoming metaverse gigs on my list. Please check out my Twitter to keep up with me: @Jubile3le3

~ A love note from Jubile3

Even though I still occasionally experience feelings of loneliness and self-doubt, I now move through the world with unfailing composure and grace. I have developed an unbreakable spirit, a passionate union of audacity and acceptance that enables me to transcend the limitations of my situation. My erratic path, which was sparked by both aural restrictions and a deep desire for self-discovery, has come together into an arrangement of perseverance and self-actualization. I came to understand that my journey wasn’t about living up to society’s standards, but rather about paving my own course while being led by my heart’s desire. It was a liberating act, a declaration that I would not be constrained by the assumptions or opinions of others. I would rather dance to the beat of my own music and combine the various elements of my gender identity into an enveloping self-acceptance sonata. ~

Change can be described as challenging. Propelling us to move forward into our own imaginations and potential to explore something once unknown. The core of growth is when transformation and reinvention take place. In the work in progress, we are tested and will probably make mistakes along the way. Jubile3 inspires, celebrates, and empowers her community and music fans to keep going and doing it with love for oneself along the way. | Jubile3 Le3 Instagram | @jubile3le3 X | @Jubile3le3 YouTube | Jubile3Le3 TRAX | Jubile3 Le3 Audius | Jubile3 le3 Beatstars | Jubile3 Medium | Jubile3 Le3 Substack | Jubile3 Le3

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